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Hi Blaseball Fans,

Our third and final Short Circuit is upon us. The past few circuits have been invaluable for the team to push the boundaries of Blaseball and try structural changes in a way the Era format never allowed. It’s been an incredible learning experience both for the game and for the company, and we’re grateful you’ve all come along for the ride. We can’t wait to tell you more about what we’ve learned! But first, we have a Short Circuit to run.

Here’s a rundown of this Circuit’s changes:

Two-Week Season, Round 2

We learned a lot from our first run at a Two-Week Season, both from your feedback and our own observations. It was weird, huh? For this final Short Circuit, we want to take another shot at a Two-Week Season, using the things we learned from the first one:

  • More Games — Spreading the same 99 Game schedule over two weeks ended up feeling pretty empty. This time, there will be 162 Games. Why 162? It fit the time schedule well. It definitely had nothing to do with other sports leagues out there.
  • More Regularity — Last Short Circuit, Games were infrequent and happened at irregular times. This season, we’re trying a new, regular cadence — your Team will play a 3-Game Series over 3 hours and then will have an hour off. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It should be much easier to follow.
  • Featured Matches — Just because Teams get every 4th hour off doesn’t mean Blaseball isn’t happening. In those off-hours, two Teams will face off in a Featured Match. In Week 1, those will be Prize Matches — the winner of the Game will receive a special Item.

We’ve included a visual schedule of this Circuit at the bottom of this article! You can scroll down to see it in full.

The Midseason Fiesta

As was Voted for in the last Circuit, we’ll be having our first ever Midseason Tournament this Season — we’re calling it the Midseason Fiesta! It will all go down on Saturday, January 29th.

This will be a tournament of the 12 Bottom Teams in the League — the 2 Teams with the least Wins in each Division, plus the next 4 Teams with the least Wins across the whole League.

All Teams in the Midseason Tournament will be eligible for Party Boosts. The longer your Team plays, the more your Team will Party.

The winner of the Midseason Tournament will receive a special prize.

Elections, Elections, Elections

Elections have been a core part of Blaseball since the earliest prototypes. But since the Forbidden Book was opened back in Season 1, we haven’t made big changes to our underlying Election systems (other than adding a few new Election types).

It was time for a change! We’ve reworked Elections, and you’ll see the first implications of those changes this Season.

  • More Elections, More Often — We can now run an Election whenever we’d like, even outside of the Season structure. It’s sort of frightening. This Season, we’ll be running upwards of 8 Elections, sprinkled throughout the schedule.
  • Updated Vote Tab — Elections will look different, too. You can view each active Election separately by clicking them in the list on the left. Each Election ends at a different time — the date is listed in the accompanying information. You can also go back and view completed Election results!
  • More Extendable — Building more Election types and content should be easier for us as well. You won’t see much of this in this Short Circuit, but know that we’re thinking up weird new ways for the Blaseball community to affect the sport.

Discord Integration

You will be able to link your Discord account to your Blaseball account, from your Account Settings page. Legit!

What does this do? Well, for now, not a whole lot. We’re hoping to do more with this integration in the future, though, so go ahead and link your account to be ready for any upcoming changes.

There’s one thing you can do once it’s live, though — If you turn on the “Sync Team Changes to Discord” setting, it will automatically update your Team role on the Blaseball discord to match your Team on the site whenever you change it. Neat.

Because we reworked the entire front end of the website, we will launch Discord integration as a feature once the website stabilizes, likely after Monday.

And What’s This?

Check back in after the Midseason Election for another new feature, one that brings some new spirit to the experience of watching Blaseball Games.

Oh yeah, and like we said, we found time to completely change how the front end works. Our engineers are very good, wow. There may be some hiccups because of this. This will be, arguably, our rowdiest Circuit yet. We’re excited to share it with all of you.

Neato, friends. Is this a good way to sign off? No? Okay. Play ball!

Aforementioned Visual Circuit Schedule, it shows regular games at 3-game intervals, followed by a prize match. Starting Tuesday, a Squid Gift election will run at 6pm ET for week 1. At 10AM ET there is a Guest of Honor Election, followed by the Midseason Fiesta. Then the standard 2pm Election runs on Sunday at 2pm ET. Week 2 is different- I’m running out of space to type! Same 3 game, 1 prize match, one [redacted] election at 2 on Tues then the postseason and [redacted] at 2pm Sunday.



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