Introducing Blaseball: Short Circuits

The next Blaseball Era will launch next year alongside our mobile app. As we work towards that goal, we’re dedicating our time and energy to a more approachable onboarding process for new Fans, ethical monetization that honors the spirit of our values and our community, and a sustainable schedule for the game.

In the meantime, we’re excited to introduce Blaseball: Short Circuits: a short, low-stakes, mini-series of temporary universes to tune into. These universes will bring Blaseball back to its fundamentals. Each one will be light on narrative and designed to test out variations on the core experience. We’ll change the rules and structure based on what we hope to learn.

The 24 teams will play with completely new rosters in each universe. At the end of each two weeks, that universe will end along with the players within it. Rest assured, your beloved players from the first two Eras are safe (for now).

We have three main goals for Short Circuits:

  1. Research. This is a series of experiments that will help us commit to the next Era’s main features. We want to better understand how you play Blaseball to better shape future iterations.

As with all game development, these dates may change. We will do our best to hit them, and if we can’t, we will do our best to communicate with enough warning for our fans to plan around.

Our First Short Circuit will run Nov 1–14.

Stay tuned for more updates!

At last! The un-blurred image reveal from earlier this month. It is a white diamond with glowing lines and the text “Short Circuits” in bright yellow and a lightning bolt in the O.



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