Thank you to everyone who made the Expansion Era possible and enjoyed it with us. Before we enter Siesta, The Game Band wanted to pull back the curtain on the cliffhanger and give context for where Blaseball is heading.

With the Expansion Era, we wanted to tell a story of expansion and excess, the potential harm that comes from slapping new system upon new system onto something built to be unfair — the story of who benefits from that confusion and challenge. That said and story told, if we continued to pile on more features like we have been, Blaseball would become impenetrable to new and old players alike. If we want Blaseball to reach new people, and we do, we need a blank slate. The Expansion Era and this story will allow us to do that — re-build Blaseball.

Blaseball will return, as will the 24 teams from the past two eras. They are not gone forever; they’ll play Blaseball again. When we return, it will be with a more refined Blaseball formed from beloved mechanics and lessons from the past year. We want to pull from what worked and learn from what didn’t to make a more approachable experience. We hope to involve you in the process wherever possible. We are now in Siesta, and we hope to let you know when that Siesta will end as soon as we have that timeline.

This past year has been a wild, chaotic experiment full of great successes and many lessons learned. It’s been an unexpected and wonderful surprise to have so many people invested in the shape Blaseball will take. Thank you for playing. As we head into Siesta, we want everyone to rest easy knowing that this cliffhanger will not erase the energy put into your community. This is not the end; it is just the beginning.

If you have the time and interest, please fill out this survey to help us make Blaseball the best it can be. It will be open for the next two weeks:

Help Us Improve Blaseball (Survey)

See you soon, Blaseball.

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